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Private Practice – First Client, First Session-Something always goes wrong.


I remember this day like it was yesterday!

I’ve arrived at the office, shared office that is, an hour prior to the client’s arrival because I’m nervous, I’m exhilarated, and I’m a bit organized – some may say obsessive.

I’ve prepared all documentation for session, outlined session agenda, reviewed phone conversation when client scheduled appointment, session reminder call to client, arranged office to match my comfort. To do list is complete, everything is checked. Now I wait.

Ten minutes prior to appointment I see enticing lotion sample on the desk, with an inviting look and promising relaxation. Sure, I’ll try some. I open the cap only to be immersed with liquid, pouring white liquid. I was able to stop the lotion bleeding quickly, but not before my pants and shirt received a splattering. All I could do was laugh, this was nothing compared to everything I worked so hard for to be standing in this moment.

Don’t worry, the lotion cleaned up. Moral of the story, don’t open strange lotion bottles before your first session. In all seriousness, messes clean up..celebrate the moment!

About Kelle Greeson, MA, LPCC, CWC

Kelle Greeson is a psychotherapist, researcher, author and lecturer in the area of treatment for mental health disorders and wellness counseling.

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